The IICRC recently hosted its biannual instructor symposium in Vancouver, Wash. A record 111 IICRC-approved instructors attended the two-day “train the trainer” event. Highlights included specialty training on using PowerPoint presentation as well as numerous techniques and tips on effective presentation skills.

During the event, the instructors conducted an election to select representatives to the IICRC Instructor Advisory panel, which works with the IICRC Instructors and Schools Committee to address key issues affecting instructors.

On Oct. 17, the IICRC Certification Council met. At this meeting several certification exams and curricula were being reviewed and prepared for updating. Newly approved instructor applications were also reviewed, and nine new instructors and three new schools were approved to teach certification classes. The council also approved 15 current instructors to add new certification categories to their program offering.

The semiannual IICRC Board of Directors meeting followed the Certification Council meeting on Oct. 18-19. During the meeting, the new officers were elected and reports were received from all IICRC standing committees, including the announcement from the IICRC Standards Committee that the new S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings is in the final stages of review and accreditation with goals to publish in early 2010.

When complete, the S100 will be IICRC’s 3rd ANSI-accredited Standard. It was also reported that work is moving forward on a new Carpet Installation Standard.

IICRC Marketing Chairman Lee Zimmerman reported renewed efforts at promoting and branding the IICRC certification and increasing recognition both with related industries and the general public.

IICRC Government Affairs Committee Chairman Dan Bernazzani, reported continued success in getting recognition from various key agencies at the state and federal level. The goal for this effort is to raise the level of awareness of the value of IICRC certification and support the IICRC certified technicians and firms.

The IICRC continues to grow with a new high of 51,757 active certified technicians. In the first nine months of 2009, more than 1,300 certification classes have been held and over 20,000 certification exams have been processed.

In its continuing effort to be a key conduit of communication within the industry and between allied industries key IICRC personnel, IICRC President Patrick Winters and Chairman Paul Pearce have been meeting with groups such as the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), the World Floor covering Association (WFCA) and others. IICRC leaders are always seeking to represent the interests of the certified cleaners and restorers.