RR0712_IICRC_img1_i.jpgThe stated theme for this year by IICRC Chairman Darrell Paulson, is “building relationships.” Along that line, since taking the helm in October 2011, memorandums of understanding (MOUs) have been established between the IICRC and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). These memorandums establish platforms for these organizations to better communicate and work together on issues or programs of mutual interest.

Another part of Chairman Paulson’s relationship theme is for the IICRC Board of Directors to make a special effort to reach out to approved instructors, schools and other stake holders through direct contact using phone calls and emails. This improved communication within the industry is intended to emphasize the openness and willingness to address questions and concerns regarding issues surrounding the IICRC.

The IICRC Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) designation is completing the beta testing phase and will be available to the industry very soon as a licensing level certification exam. Anyone with interest or questions about this new level of certification in the restoration field can get more information at www.iicrc.org.

Beginning June 1, we now have a new full-time Education/Certification Director on staff. Valerie Fries Wade, CAE, MM, is working to streamline and upgrade the IICRC education and certification areas. Her areas of responsibility include exam and curriculum revision, new exam development and certification accreditation.
Significant progress has been made on completing the new S600 standard for carpet installation and the new S800 standard for carpet inspection. Both documents are in the final stages of completion and are expected to be on the market by year’s end. Work is beginning on new standards for hard surface maintenance and biological hazard cleanup. Work also continues on a revision of the S500 Water Damage Restoration Standard.

The IICRC has a new, redesigned website that features search functions for locating classes and training for both certification and continuing education along with consumer referral searches to help consumers identify and locate certified professionals in their area.

The next full IICRC Certification Council and Board of Directors meeting is set for October 13-15, 2012 in Vancouver, WA. Anyone interested in participating on IICRC technical committees or working on industry standards development should contact IICRC Executive Administrator, Tom Hill, at tom@iicrc.org. New certification classes and categories are being developed often. Keep your credentials current and stay on the leading edge of industry technology through IICRC training and certification programs.