When it comes to business, trust and relationships are key. In mid-June, I heard Mike Gallina speak at the Violand Executive Summit. Gallina is the Vice President of Communications and Community Engagement for AultCare Health Insurance Plans. His keynote was full of energy and vibrancy, without Power Points or notes to weigh it down. It all came down to one basic point: your trust and integrity are everything. From there, everything else falls into place.

In the restoration industry, we are very process-driven. Gallina drove home the point that people have to come before processes. You could create the greatest visual and marketing branding, but if you don’t have the relationships and inner culture to back up the “brand” you’re trying to show on the outside, your brand’s message won’t make it to your customer. You and your team are the brand – and your relationships bring the brand home. A brand is not a pretty logo and cute tagline; it runs deeper.

Here are some questions Gallina presented:

  • Are you there when people need you to be, even if it’s not convenient for you?
  • Can you be trusted with your integrity?
  • Is your word really your word?
  • What’s unique about you that makes you viable in your market?

Most of those questions loop right back around to the title of this column – know, like, trust. Did you know 60 to 70 percent of your power is unspoken? That means two thirds of what people think about you is determined by your actions and behaviors, not what you say. To put it simply, you can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk.

In this issue, a restoration contractor dives into the topic of company culture – and how it’s all about the people and a set of shared attitudes. You can read Brandon’s article on page 22. We are also covering sustainability from two angles – in a physical sense, and more of a company culture and value standpoint. Those articles are back-to-back on pages 24 and 28.

Make it a great July!