In this episode of “TradeTalks: Unlocking The Experience”, R&R Publisher Mike Balzano talks with Mark Violand, Owner of Violand Flooring Inspections and Instruction. In the summer between 6th and 7th Grade he was asked to clean the carpets of his school by the custodians, and never left the industry. 

  • Industry Icon for nearly 50 years
  • Launched Village Carpet Care Systems in 1977 with his brother Chuck
  • Started Violand Flooring Inspections in 1992
  • Became a protégé of Lee Pemberton, helping him reach even greater success
  • Consulted for Progressive Insurance, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, and many other major organizations
  • Finished 3rd in a Demolition Derby, providing a fitting end to his beloved Oldsmobile Delta 88 

Like so many others, Mark cited a need to serve and help people as his main motivations to enter our industry. Almost 50 years later he is seen as one of, if not the leading voice of floor covering inspections in the US.

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