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Not all sanitizing training and certifications are equal. Some training providers cover just technical training and issue a certificate of completion, leaving the student to figure out the business end all on their own with no ongoing support. Other certification programs, such as the NORMITM Certified Sanitizing Professional training course, provide more inclusive training with ongoing support and a sanitizing certificate that qualifies for proper liability insurance for sanitizing services.


The NORMI Certificate of Sanitization™ gives business owners or property management teams a way to reassure employees and customers that indoor air and surfaces are cleaner, healthier, and safer, as well as provides documentation of the building’s condition at specific points in time, which can become valuable information if a property were to be put up for sale in the future.

The deadly risk of COVID-19 has increased the demand for sanitizing services as business owners seek ways to create cleaner, healthier, safer indoor air and surfaces for their employees and customers. There is no better time than now to expand into sanitizing services as this increased demand is not going to subside any time soon, if ever. However, it is critically important for anyone entering the sanitizing services field to select a training provider that thoroughly trains on chemistries and provides ongoing complimentary support as technical and business-related questions will come up. This type of ongoing professional support will enable a person to build a profitable and successful sanitizing business.

How to Evaluate a Sanitizing Certification Program

When evaluating a sanitizing certification program, people should assess whether the training provider meets the following needs of technical instruction areas and business support services:

  • Need to understand the nature of the problem (what are viruses, can they be killed, etc.)
  • Need to know how the sanitizing protocol affects indoor air quality
  • Need to know what to do, the sanitizing steps to take, and the processes that work (chemistries, equipment & techniques)
  • Need to have the right insurance in place (NORMI has insurance already in place for easy access for its members)
  • Need to have the right training so you CAN be insured (the NORMITM Certified Sanitizing Professional certificate is already prequalified and accepted by an insurance carrier)
  • Need to be supported by an organization that cares and provides ongoing support (NORMI provides unparalleled free weekly continuing education)
  • Need to know how to PROVE the efficacy of the sanitizing protocol
  • Need to know how to TEST your solution (how to measurably prove that indoor air and surfaces were effectively cleaned up)
  • Need to know how to monitor future problems (thus, creating ongoing revenue)
  • Need to assure employees and public that the place is clean (NORMI issues the NORMI Certificate of Sanitization™ once post remediation verification has been successfully verified by a third-party laboratory)

Technology enables trainers to provide close-up views of equipment to both onsite and online students.

As one of the industry’s leading training and certifying organizations, NORMI has all of these areas covered plus more in the NORMITM Certified Sanitizing Professional (NCSP) course.

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Advanced technology provides two-way viewing; trainers can see students LIVE online, and online students have several viewing options of the classroom and trainers.


Close-up camera shots are transmitted onto an oversized screen in the classroom and onto online students’ computer screens.

When, Where, and How to Get a Sanitizing Certification

NORMI will hold a full-day onsite training class—the NORMITM Certified Sanitizing Professional (NCSP) course—on April 18th at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center, which is in the Charleston, SC, area. Read more information on the NCSP course. Reserve your spot with only a deposit. All active NORMI members receive $50 off course tuition!

technology for training

NORMI Executive Director Doug Hoffman leads an onsite class at the NORMIPro Academy in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, which is also transmitted LIVE online to students anywhere in the country.

The NCSP course on April 18th is a pre-conference event leading into The Experience Conference and Exhibition taking place on April 19, 20, and 21 in the same location. Conference attendees can visit the NORMI booth at The Experience and receive additional training from Hoffman, who will be teaching the seminar “How IAQ is Impacted by Building Sciences.” Get more information on the conference schedule of events.