Microbial Warrior® Master Trainers and Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists®, Jeff and Lori Jones, and their company Bio-Sheen Services are in a British Scientific Journal for their scientific approach and leadership in Forensic Restoration®. “Forensic Restoration focuses on remediation of indoor environments contaminated with potentially hazardous biological materials. Jeff Jones is a leading expert in Forensic Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Jeff and Lori Jones pay close attention to detail and constantly seek out the latest science to guide their approach and stand by the principal that forensic restoration is much more than just cleaning. They view it as a service to humankind, a chance to serve people during a time of loss and bring order to chaos. 

Throughout the (Microbial Warrior®) course, Jeff emphasizes the professionalism required for someone to serve in the business, reminding the trainees that these jobs often involve loss of life. He reinforces the need to respect the space, extend compassion to clients, and care for each other.” writes the author, a noted Professor of Environmental Microbiology.

“To my knowledge,” “being recognized in a British Scientific Journal is not only a first for Forensic Restoration® but a first for the restoration industry as a whole. And, while we are both honored and humbled, our pursuit of excellence in the arena of Microbial Warfare which are based on the sciences of Biorisk Management and Infection Control, utilizing the training, tactics, techniques and tools of Forensic Restoration® and Decontamination is constantly ongoing and fluid.  That is the way of The Microbial Warrior®. –Jeff Jones