The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announces the publication of a new ANSI-approved ANSI/IICRC S590 Standard for Assessing HVAC Systems Following a Water, Fire, or Mold Damage Event (l5t edition, 2023).

The HVAC assessment process identifies impacted and non-impacted HVAC internal surfaces after a water, fire, or mold damage event. This Standard contains procedures to perform HVAC assessments and create a written report and Restoration Work Plan (RWP) of work for residential, commercial, institutional, and healthcare buildings. The document lists methods and procedures to determine visual deposition and odor retention.

This Standard determines the condition of HVAC systems subject to a water, fire, or mold damage event, and includes the following:

  • HVAC Assessment Principles
  • HVAC Assessors Qualifications
  • Determining Restorable vs. Non-Restorable Components
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Sampling Protocols
  • Test Results and Recommendations
  • Safety and Health
  • Limitations, Complexities, Complications, and Conflicts
  • Documentation and Reporting
  •  Specific Considerations Following a Water, Fire, or Mold Damage Events
  • HV AC Assessment Flowcharts

Tom Yacobellis, IICRC S590 Consensus Body Chairman, said: "I want to thank the IICRC S590 Consensus Body for their dedication and persistence in developing the HVAC Assessment Standard. This standard represents a significant milestone, integrating multiple IICRC standards and the NADCA ACR Standard. The Consensus Body's commitment to excellence will undoubtedly elevate the industry. The S590 Consensus Body also recognizes the invaluable guidance provided by the IICRC Standards leadership team and the management staff in shepherding our committee to meet strict ANSI requirements."

 Brandon Burton, IICRC Standards Chairman, said: "This entirely new Standard provides the industry an accepted Standard of Care that reflects what is current and prudent in the field of HVAC System Assessment following Water, Fire or Mold Damage. I commend Mr. Yacobellis and the current IICRC S590 Consensus Body on the countless hours and effort they have volunteered to this new Standard, and to their ongoing commitment to our industry and its stakeholders."

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