Reading, PA-based Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) and The Language of Leadership, headquartered in Bend, OR, are thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership dedicated to enhancing leadership skills within the restoration, cleaning, and related building service sectors. Central to this collaboration is a shared commitment to empowering individuals for success.

Erik Berglund, the visionary Founder and CEO of The Language of Leadership, has emerged as a leading authority in the field of effective leadership practices. Through his extensive expertise, Berglund has curated a range of courses, curriculum, and complementary programs.

The alliance will provide service providers with convenient access to leadership development resources via This initiative will initially feature a rollout to RTI's Digital Training Solution, encompassing The Language of Leadership's foundational courses "Welcome to the Language of Leadership" and "Expectations," along with the eBook "The Big 4 Excuses and How to Handle Them."

Furthermore, our offerings will encompass a comprehensive eLearning course, complimentary webinars, and the development of a High-Performance Learning Journey, affording participants the opportunity to convene on a monthly basis.

Berglund emphasizes, "You can add all the organization, structure, and strategy you want, but if your management team (at any level) cannot hold people accountable in a constructive and positive way, you are going to lose people and profits.”

“This collaboration not only bridges a crucial gap in expertise, but also synergizes with our methods and approaches. Erik’s program helps overcome a common obstacle to implementing training in the workplace, which is found in our ability to effectively and constructively hold individuals accountable for applying their training on the job," stated, Lisa Lavender, COO, Restoration Technical Institute.

While service providers may invest in cutting-edge technology, training, best practices, standardized processes, and strategic development, the linchpin remains the capacity of organizational leaders to effectively communicate and drive these initiatives forward.