The Restoration Technical Institute is pleased to announce that industry great, Chuck Boutall, will be joining our team as the Director of Education. 
“Chuck brings years of practical experience that will help us evolve and expand our curriculums in our service to the industry. He is a great resource to those who train with us. Chuck is a high energy and knowledgeable restoration professional and educator who I look forward to working with,” says Lisa Lavender, COO of Restoration Technical Institute.
After selling the successful Air Quest Systems, a well-known manufacturer of custom desiccant dehumidifiers, large refrigerant dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners, Chuck turned his attention to training others how to utilize “big” equipment for “big” jobs. He is a hands-on instructor who is a down-to-earth type fellow with vast knowledge and education. 
Chuck has been a speaker at the Dri-Eaz Restorative Drying Symposiums, the Water Loss Institute, ASCR National, Connections East and West since 2011, SCRIA 2012 thru 2015 and DRC Canada. He has dried over 4 million square feet of structure, hundreds of thousands of books and documents and designed permanent systems for various manufacturing and storage projects over his 20-year career as an Application Engineer. Chuck has an associate's degree in Electrical Engineering. His career spanned many years with large well-known companies before building Air Quest Systems from the ground up. In addition, Chuck is a contributing author to the new S500.

“I like to see the light bulbs going on – When you can take a complex subject like ‘Psychrometrics and how it manipulates Desorption in Wet Materials’ and make it as easy as waiting in line for the tram at Disney! You see the lights go on, and you know they've got it now. It's a great privilege to be able to pass along information on how to be a better dryer,” says Boutall on what he loves most about the industry.
About The Restoration Technical Institute
Our mission is to provide opportunities, training and resources that will allow restoration and insurance professionals from all over the world to succeed. At the Restoration Technical Institute, we believe in inspiring happiness, pride and innovation in others. At our hands-on, state of the art training facility, you will become educated by the industry’s top professionals, all while feeling right at home with a staff whose top priority is to make sure your time at RTI is a fun, positive and educational experience.
We are proud to be a globally recognized training facility allowing us the opportunity to host industry professionals from all over the United States and beyond. Our students receive quality technical instruction combined with hands on experiences that allow them to serve as leaders in their fields. All of our programs include customer service and safety training resulting in quality service providers. At the Restoration Technical Institute, we respect industry standards, our customers and our craft, and we instill these values and beliefs into our students.