DKI Canada, a national leader in sustainable property restoration services, has chosen KnowHow to improve onboarding, in-field support, and training programs for Members across the country. Boasting the largest group of certified and trained 24/7 emergency response technicians in Canada, DKI Canada aims to maintain its high standards of quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service by utilizing KnowHow as a centralized resource for their company playbook.

"Finding the right employees is difficult, once we find them we want to keep them," said Natasha Pinto, Senior Vice President of Operations for DKI Canada. "KnowHow will allow DKI Canada Members to deliver a consistent onboarding experience across the country and across all role descriptions. At the heart of our mission is creating long-term value for our employees, so this investment into ongoing education and training for staff just demonstrates that our mission is not just words, but followed through with actions.”

KnowHow is designed to help restoration companies rapidly standardize their company's operations, enabling staff to tackle jobs quickly and professionally while eliminating costly errors. "By delivering consistent training so that all levels of the organization understand the 'DKI way',” added Pinto, “KnowHow will allow us to ensure that the customer experience is consistently exceptional from coast-to-coast."

With KnowHow, restorers don’t have to manually search through company policies and Standard Operating Procedures when a question comes up on the job. Whether they’re on their phone, tablet, or computer, everyone has access to quick, accurate answers that help them tackle whatever job is next.

"We are proud to partner with DKI Canada and support their vision to equip their staff as they provide high-quality restoration services across the country,” said Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow. “KnowHow’s on-demand support for worker questions and crystal clear onboarding and development roadmaps will help DKI Canada maintain and grow its position as a national leader and one of the most innovative restoration franchises in Canada.”

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