Albi, a leading provider of software solutions for restoration companies, has announced the release of Albi Dispatching tools within the scheduler.  The enhancement aims to help restoration companies improve their business intelligence and streamline operations. This will allow users to arrive at the scene quickly and assemble their teams efficiently.


Dispatching allows restoration companies to manage their jobs and crews in real-time within the scheduler. With the dispatching tools, companies can quickly assign jobs to the right crew members based on their skills and availability. Albi has created a scheduler that allows users to include specific details about each job. Additionally, users can schedule jobs for the future without having to assign them immediately. 


Users can create "events" and different "event types" that can be color-coded to separate mold, emergency jobs, contents jobs, etc. Albi also added "tags," so users can tag each event they're dispatching a crew to and classify them as urgent, not urgent, and the user can specify if it's a 60–90-minute promise or a "next business day" promise. This feature can also serve as free-form tags; users can add specific keywords to help search for a specific event.


Albi also added "event status" to do dispatching. This is how it works: the user sends the event, and the technician "accepts it." After the technician accepts it, the dispatcher is notified. This eliminates the need to call and text the technician. The system also includes dashboards and visualizations that make it easy to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of Albi Dispatching for Restoration," said Alex Duta, CEO of Albiware. "Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do, so we will continue to innovate and develop products they love. We want to create a product our customers are obsessed with. The goal is to simplify restoration operations, improve efficiency, and enable restoration companies to make more informed decisions."

Albi has a proven track record of delivering innovative software solutions to the restoration industry. Numerous large restoration companies nationwide have used Albi to enhance their efficiency and profitability.