The online catalog for United Rentals Inc. now includes emissions level information for all equipment. The company states that the ability to see the emissions level when selecting equipment helps companies make more informed decisions to choose the right equipment that supports their jobsite needs and sustainability goals.

Restoration firms can browse, search and select equipment by filtering by emissions level. The catalog’s four emissions level categories are:

  • Zero emissions, which is comprised of equipment powered by battery, electric or solar. This equipment creates no emissions when in use;
  • Low emissions, which contains equipment powered by hybrid, propane or natural gas engines;
  • Lower diesel emissions, which encompass equipment with Tier 4 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) certified engines. Tier 4 engines are the most stringent emissions currently in place for diesel engines;
  • Standard emissions, which include the most common gas or diesel-powered equipment. The equipment is powered by USEPA certified engines.

 In the catalog, equipment with zero or low emissions are also indicated by a green symbol next to the cat class. Companies can learn more about emissions options, including types and featured equipment in the catalog, by going to the United Rentals equipment emissions webpage.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of equipment options to support their sustainability goals,” said Joli Gross, senior vice president of United Rentals. “With our new online catalog feature, we give customers the power to select equipment to create lower-emission worksites without compromising safety or productivity.”