United Rentals Inc. announced a new agreement to purchase the industry’s first high-volume, fully electric dumpsters from JCB for its rental fleet. United Rentals will be the first equipment rental company to offer JCB’s HTD-5E E-Dumpsters to North American customers looking to create lower-emission worksites.

JCB HTD-5E E-Dumpsters join zero-emission trucks, vans, compact excavators, energy systems and more already in the United Rentals portfolio of environmentally friendly rental equipment. The tracked e-dumpster is offered as a high-tip, ride-on model, capable of carrying up to 1,102 lbs. Its lithium-ion battery pack powers the machine for a typical full day work shift. United Rentals expects to deploy the vehicles in the last quarter of 2022.

“By adding JCB e-dumpsters to our offerings, United Rentals continues to demonstrate leadership in the use of 100 percent electric vehicles in construction and industrial rental sectors,” said Mike Durand, senior vice president of sales and operations for United Rentals. “As companies build plans to achieve sustainability goals, we can help them reduce the environmental impact of their equipment while also maintaining safety and productivity.”

The HTD-5E E-Dumpster provides a high-performance carrying solution for construction, landscaping, agriculture and much more. Its electric drive makes the machine suitable for indoor work, tunneling applications and urban sites that require low noise and zero exhaust emissions.

The e-dumpster includes a SmartStep feature that offers increased safety and operator comfort. With the feature, stepping off the machine isolates power to the tracks while still allowing use of the hydraulics and skip.

“JCB is glad to support our customers and their dedication to a more sustainable future,” said Andrea Whelan, vice president of direct sales and service for JCB. “As JCB corporately works towards a net zero footprint, the e-dumpsters are just one of the pieces offered in JCB’s range of electric equipment which is designed to help our customers and partners tackle their worksite needs with zero compromise on performance.”