Avelina Lamb is owner of PuroClean of Chandler, located in Gilbert, Ariz. With CAT season coming soon, we invited Lamb to discuss her franchise’s approach to growing CAT restoration services since its opening in 2018. 

In this episode of Real Stories in Restoration, she shares advice based on work in Louisiana following Hurricane Ida, as well as fire and smoke damage projects in Colorado following recent wildfires. Lamb covers proper preparation, adapting to the cultures of local customers, working with insurance adjusters, collaborating with fellow franchises and more. She also offers advice to women looking to advance in the restoration industry and talks about how running a restoration business compares to her experience running a surgery practice and real estate business. 

This episode covers:

  • The services, clientele, staff size and locations covered at PuroClean of Chandler
  • How entrepreneurship in restoration differs from Lamb’s past business ownership experiences
  • The path Lamb took to the restoration industry
  • Memorable projects
  • CAT restoration services following Hurricane Ida and recent Colorado wildfires
  • What CAT work entails in the Arizona climate, including roofing restoration following monsoons
  • Tips on proper preparation for CAT restoration work, including investment in an RV
  • Balancing CAT work with local projects
  • Cultivating a company culture of owners across roles
  • Knowing when now to take a job
  • Working with insurance adjusters in the interest of policyholders
  • Lamb’s experience as a woman in a male-dominated field and her advice to other woman in the industry 

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