Xactly byGTE finds and places talent with restoration companies across the U.S. and Canada – from startups to businesses earning more than $1 billion annually. Their team recruits for all roles, from field technicians to estimators to sales representatives to executives. In this episode of Ask the Expert, Gregg Taylor, managing member of Xactly byGTE, speaks to the unmet expectations of restoration candidates during the hiring process. Taylor shares best practices, helpful tools, top trends and more related to finding, recruiting and keeping top-notch team members.  

“I believe that some industries are top-down,” Taylor said. “I believe that the restoration industry is boots-on-the-ground-up. And I think when we listen to their needs, their concerns, their goals, then we have a chance to have not only long-term people but a long-term relationship which is mutually beneficial and from which there is growth for both parties.” 

A few of the many concepts Taylor covers include the power of passive candidates, the cost of a vacant position and the importance of first impressions. 

This episode covers:

  • Parallels between the funeral industry and restoration industry, and how Taylor’s funeral experience lends itself to serving restorers
  • The state of staffing within restoration, and what factors Taylor thinks are causing recruiting and retention challenges
  • The most common staffing challenges Xactly byGTE clients face
  • What Taylor and his team hear from the talent they help connect with restoration companies
  • Practical tips for finding and keeping quality talent
  • Whether the same staffing rules apply for small and large businesses, and across functions
  • Advice for boosting recruiting and retention of field technicians 
  • When restoration companies should look to recruiting firm versus internal resources for staffing support
  • Recommended tools for optimizing recruiting
  • Tips for candidates looking for restoration job opportunities
  • Predictions for the future of recruiting within restoration 

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