CoreLogic acquired Next Gear Solutions on Sept. 15, 2021. In this episode, Garret Gray, founder and CEO of Next Gear Solutions, joins us to discuss what this means for the restoration industry now and into the future. He covers the impetus and vision for the acquisition, its impact on existing customers and restoration contractors overall, how and how long the integration of the two organizations will play out internally and externally, as well as advances to workflow management solutions, claims estimating solutions, and the pricing landscape.


This episode covers:

  • The history of Next Gear Solutions and CoreLogic, and their respective roles in the restoration industry up until now
  • Why Next Gear Solutions decided to sell to CoreLogic, and why now
  • What the acquisition means for restoration contractors overall and the solutions available to them
  • What this means for Next Gear Solutions and CoreLogic customers, and how it will impact their day-to-day work
  • From an organizational standpoint, what the acquisition means for Next Gear Solutions Employees and the company as the industry has come to know it
  • What, if anything, isn’t changing as a result of the consolidation
  • Specific products and services restoration contractors use from both companies and how they will be impacted
  • When the transition and integration of the two companies becomes official, and what work is yet to be done to solidify the acquisition operationally
  • What is being done to ensure a seamless transition/integration on the customer experience end – from product updates to training and education on how to use them
  • What existing customer can expect to hear from CoreLogic and/or Next Gear Solutions on this development, and when
  • What this means for estimating in the world of property restoration
  • Gray’s perspective on the significance of this acquisition through the lens of fair, accurate pricing
  • Workflow management features and benefits restorers can expect
  • What steps CoreLogic and Next Gear Solutions customers should be taking in light of the acquisition, if any
  • Key questions Gray anticipates and/or is already getting from restoration contractors, and their answers
  • Where the restoration industry can go to learn more about the acquisition and what it means for them if they prefer to talk to a representative
  • If there is more to come on this and, if so, what
  • The significance of this development for the restoration industry short- and long-term
  • Gray on how it feels to sell the company he founded, as well as his hopes for the impact this move makes 

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