This year, American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) celebrates 23 years of education excellence. ABRA is an organization that was built by independent volunteer technicians and like-minded individuals that recognized the value and the need for an industry third party. 
As the Biohazard Response market continues to develop and mature, the Association strives to maintain its status as the industry leader. Staying dedicated to the non-profit volunteer model and avoiding industry conflict is difficult in today's splintered technician education market. ABRA has never been about the money; it is about credibility. Our stakeholders are you the industry technicians and companies. ABRA is focused on putting the Bio Recovery industry's best practices first while putting our technicians and companies in the best position for industry success. 
We invite all of you to come learn and grow with us. Our 23 years of combined expertise and quality industry partnerships remain unparalleled. The International Bio Recovery Summit is the industry's flagship conference.This year's event will be held August 16th-19th at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Fla. Please see our website for more information about the Association.
For those of you who would like to get to know the American Bio Recovery Association, please go to our Facebook/LinkedIn page and follow us. As we move into the future as a third party education body, it is important that we not only learn from our history but also maintain and build upon the relationships recently fostered.

What is Bio Recovery?

Bio Recovery is not limited to just crime and trauma, although that is the majority of our focus and how the ABRA got its start. It is the act of assessing risk, mitigating threats and remediating conditions resulting from the release of biological hazards. This may include crime and trauma mitigation (bloodborne and body fluids), suicide cleanup, outbreak response, zoonotic diseases, foodborne diseases, public health threats, illicit drugs and clandestine drug labs.
Moving in a forward direction, ABRA will continue working closely with its partner organizations such as the Indoor Air Quality Association, Environmental Information Association and the American Biological Safety Association as well as working with Collegiate Institutions, the Insurance Industry and Agencies such as the United States EPA, DEA, and US DHS. We will continue to work with our Technical Advisory Committee to develop advanced guidance and cross-education opportunities as we advance.  

Let's keep building upon the effort and do it together. Let's maintain industry professionalism for each other. Bio Recovery project opportunities pose some of the highest industry risks out there. As the evolution continues and risks evolve, we have to keep up and maintain the highest level of competence and safety for the industry. 

Thank you to the volunteers that understand the direction, need and vision of a united industry.  For those of you who are not Active Member Companies yet, please consider joining us today.