GC3’s storied history opens a new chapter with the appointment of Tom Nadler as CEO and Dave Bell as COO. Tom has spent the past 25 years in executive leadership, having gained insight from his earlier career spent in project management, consulting, cost control and design. His multi-sector construction expertise includes a lifelong background in commercial, industrial and agribusiness operations. COO Dave Bell’s history includes extensive success in sales and business development along with a forward thinking methodology applied to business operations.  His experience developing customer focused sales strategies and processes to support them will shake up a complacent insurance restoration industry.  Under their guidance, GC3 will bring a dynamic approach to carrier partnerships and invite technological innovation into the reconstruction process.

Nadler and Bell are embracing this opportunity to build on what’s working while reinventing the company’s culture.

“GC3 delivers the unique value of a successful legacy united with the youthful enthusiasm of a startup. We’re excited to foster a new customer-facing business initiative that enhances our company’s national footprint.”

GC3’s latest chapter will feature a consulting product launch highlighting the efficiency and value of the new company culture.

 “GC3now applies an agile perspective to the world of consulting. We’ll couple our expertise with new technology to deliver the most cost effective, timely and accurate reporting in the marketplace.”

In a rapidly-evolving business world, the restoration industry lags behind in ingenuity and innovation.  GC3’s vision will disrupt the long-standing mindset and create a new standard that others will be held to for years to come.