R&R is thrilled to welcome Ed Cross, "The Restoration Lawyer", as the keynote speaker for Preparing to Respond 2019!

The restoration industry is at a critical inflection point. It has to contend with low ball pricing platforms, dishonest consultants, aggressive opposition from third party administrators, and a host of unfair consumer protection laws that fail to take into account the special challenges faced by emergency service providers, just to name a few. The problems are compounded for restorers pursuing work on large scale natural disasters. Things seem to be getting worse—yet the industry is fragmented and voiceless before legislators who make the rules. The deck is stacked against the restorer, and unlike members of other industries (such as auto repair), the property damage restorer has no political pull and no lobbyist. The industry needs to unify to vindicate its rights before the problems become so baked in, that they are virtually irreversible.

In this address, industry advocate Ed Cross will make a public call for unity and your tangible support for a bold new initiative by RIA: the formation of the Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee (AGA) to mobilize forces in a broad effort to attack these problems. AGA’s mission is to advocate for a balanced playing field for the restoration industry and to engage lobbyists and advocates to fight for restorers’ rights in multiple venues, on multiple topics.  But this cannot succeed without unity within the industry. It will require time, effort and financial resources. United we stand, divided we fall.

About Ed: “The Restoration Lawyer” Edward H. Cross is president of Law Offices of Edward H. Cross & Associates, PC, and represents restorers nationwide from his office in Palm Desert, California; www.edcross.com. Ed is the current chairman of the RIA Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee. He is a regular contributor to R&R and strong advocate for restoration companies. Edward Cross received a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications with an emphasis in Public Speaking from California State University at Northridge in 1986 (Dean's Honor Roll), and his Juris Doctor Degree from Western State University in Fullerton, California.