Contents restoration and cleaning is an often overlooked part of the CAT loss puzzle; yet arguably one of the most profitable. This session is all about walking through real-life case studies from three different types of CAT losses: floods, fires, and hurricanes. With a combined 30+ years of restoration experience, Tom and Annissa will lay out fool-proof contents restoration and odor removal processes to make even the toughest jobs doable no matter the size of the company. The first requirement is being prepared to respond, and this presentation will help get you there!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine real-world case studies to better serve customers during any major catastrophe.
  2. Set up proper odor removal protocols in any type of loss.
  3. Establish a workflow for handling contents restoration in disaster zones.
  4. Describe how to educate customers and adjusters on the cost savings of restoring and cleaning contents over full replacement.

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