Sapphire Scientific has just released the 2018 model of its highly successful 370SS truckmount.

Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products, said, "We know that for many cleaning operators, their vehicle is critical to their customer’s first impression. It's their primary advertisement. A vehicle that is loaded with the hot-looking 370 is going to be impressive when they roll up to the customer's door."

With racing-inspired details, the 370 features a new bezel with carbon-fiber styling. The bezel’s backlit gauges, switches and controls deliver easy use even in dim lighting plus dramatic curb appeal.

The 2018 model is built with the same proven powerplant and blower combination that has made the 370 one of the industry’s best-selling truckmounts. Its patented heat exchange system produces consistent hot water, and its narrow footprint make it ideal in today's smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

"The 2018 370 delivers everything that made this machine so successful," said Wilson. "And now with its new look, it's going to ensure cleaners’ professionalism and quality stand out in a competitive market.

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