Now with an all-aluminum frame, clog- and freeze-resistant heat exchanger, upgraded drive belts and other improvements, the 2018 Legend GT builds on the legacy of quality and performance customers have come to expect from Prochem.

Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, said, “These upgrades combine the best of Sapphire Scientific engineering with reliability of Prochem to re-create the Legend GT.”

The all-aluminum frame resists corrosion and provides better vibration dampening than the steel frame used in previous models. The upgraded drive belt delivers improved durability and superior stretch resistance, resulting in less frequent belt tension adjustment and extended durability. These belts are made of the same material used for automobile engine timing belts, which are designed to operate in high temps for long periods of time without stretching or degrading.

The Legend GT also features the single-pass tube heat exchanger originally developed for Sapphire truckmounts. “The Sapphire heat exchanger is much less prone to freeze damage and is much less likely to clog from carbon buildup,” said Wilson. “This further reduces downtime and maintenance costs.”

Because truckmounts are usually operated inside vehicles, airflow to the engine may not always be ideal. The manufacturer-installed oil cooler on the unit's 23 HP Kohler gasoline engine provides added protection.

The 2018 model is equipped with the same reliable Gardner Denver 4MVL positive displacement blower and 1200 psi General water pump used on earlier models. 

The 2018 Legend GT is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of North American distributors. To learn more, visit