Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria caused significant damage across the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, including many construction sites, during this year’s hurricane season. These storms resulted in concern and uncertainty of jobsite conditions and project delays; however, stakeholders can gain insight into their project, manage deadlines, and continuously monitor jobsite conditions, even when inclement weather permits physically being on site, through installation of a time-lapse construction camera system.

Stay Connected

Construction cameras allow for stakeholders involved in a project to stay informed and connected, regardless of harsh weather conditions or mandated evacuations. Team members can have real-time access to their project from a safe, remote location via any mobile/internet-enabled device. As demonstrated in Florida and Georgia during Hurricane Irma, prolonged power outages and loss of internet are common occurrences during strong storms. Built to handle harsh weather conditions, OxBlue’s solar and cellular-powered construction cameras allow project stakeholders to stay connected to their jobsite without being tied to a power grid.

Recovery Efforts

Severe hurricanes halt work on a jobsite, and can cause headaches for everyone involved once the all-clear is given to return to work. Some construction sites will remain inaccessible for weeks after the storm has passed, which may result in more time lost on the project. Developers and General Contractors that use time-lapse construction cameras can easily create an actionable plan before ever physically returning to the jobsite.

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