As we age, it can sometimes be difficult to remain in our home and keep our independent lifestyle.  Aging can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental capabilities, causing us to require certain changes in our environments as we get older. However, most homes today have structural barriers that make it difficult to adapt to the changes required for elderly or physically disabled people to safely age in place and comfortably address their everyday activities within the confines of their own home.

At Hammer Restoration, we have been servicing home and business owners in our Michigan communities through various property repair and renovation work for over 50 years.  Recently, we have found ourselves being called to do barrier-free construction.  We recognize the unique requirements for the physically challenged, and for these types of home renovation projects. To address the challenges and changing needs of our aging community, it was an easy decision for us to ramp up our commitment to and marketing for our barrier-free construction services. Our purpose through our home modification services is to provide solutions to allow our customers the freedom, flexibility and independence to navigate better throughout their home and perform their daily activities with ease and self-confidence.

We offer a variety of universal home modification design standards for all areas of the home, including: wheelchair accessibility, grab bars, roll-in showers, door widening, and other barrier-free home remodeling services.

No matter what type of modifications your customers are looking for, or what area of their home they wish to remodel, we can help. We are committed to offering barrier-free home modification solutions personalized to fit the customer’s specific needs. Our team of professionals has the expertise, knowledge and quality with over 30 years of experience in barrier-free construction. Our lead Project Manager, Tom Placher, successfully completed extensive training and certification from the University of Southern California as an Executive Home Modification Provider. He brings 20 years of experience in construction management, including extensive experience in scoping, bidding and estimating large commercial projects.  With his solid work ethic, attention to every detail and ability to truly listen and understand his customer’s concerns, Tom has proven his success in our barrier-free renovation projects.

With the guidance of Tom, our team of experts will customize a plan that will allow your customers to better navigate throughout their home and perform their daily activities with ease and confidence. Once this barrier-free design is complete, our team will then coordinate and install the entire project. You can count on Hammer Restoration to provide true customer service and bring freedom, flexibility and independence back into your customer’s life.