NORRP is the National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals. We are an organization founded by restoration professionals (mostly contractors) who are focused on uniting our industry and helping to get all parties on a level playing field. This industry has had a lot of frustrations over the years, many we are still battling. There are so many forces from both the inside and outside our industry making every day business for professional restoration contractors seemingly more complicated: TPA groups, programs, carriers, lobbyists, government intervention, software companies, and so on. Daily, as contractors, we are hit from every direction as we try to make a living and take care of our clients.

As an organization, we have the structure and solid foundation to move forward and build. Our board of directors is made up of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry. The decades of experience held by the phenomenal individuals that guide the organization is unmatched. The organization is 100% volunteer and I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of them for the dedication to our industry and this organization. We would not be where we are today without this group.

Moving forward into the coming years, we hope to achieve the following goals along with other items not on the official agenda.

Unity is number one. If we as professionals do not stick together we will never be on the same page. Without unity we will have no voice.

We would like to work with other groups, associations, and other organizations such as the IICRC, RIA, ACAC, AIHA, IAQA, and NORMI on both a regional and national level to help guide professionals to potentially unknown resources that are currently available to them.

Address the current questions regarding Overhead and Profit. We will be releasing a white paper in regards to this at our event April 25 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Experience Trade Show.


Current issues with TPA groups, and program work that are negatively affecting our industry and so many independent and franchise companies alike. One main goal will be to work across party lines with carriers in order to come to a middle ground so that we can all coexist in this world we are a part of. Being able to create a system that works from both the contractor and the carrier in order to ensure our clients understand what they are dealing with and guarantee that the work is being performed in accordance with industry standards while being documented in a way that ensures that the carrier does not have any unanswered questions. The end result of this would hopefully be a payout turnaround in 15-30 days from documentation package being turned in as long as they were complete.

As professionals in an industry that is so specialized, we need to be in control of the scope of work we are liable for and have to stand behind. As professionals, we need to use facts and science that can be backed up with documentation in order to determine the scope for a project. We need to eliminate the conversation of cost and focus on categorization, classification, and scope of work. If as a whole the customer, carrier and ourselves, the contractor, can agree on these three items first then and only then should price or cost be discussed. If we as an industry can focus on those three key components and ensure every job is assessed properly and given the correct category, class, and scope of work, it will be a much more stable environment for the growth of our industry. Fact is every business has different overhead and with that pricing will and should differ between company based on their cost of doing business.

Having spent the last 14 years in this industry that I love so dearly, I have watched it become what it is today. It does not make me love the industry any less but it has forced my hand to act rather than watch things deteriorate further, before my eyes. After so many years of talking about what needs to be done to fix things with both my mentors as well as my peers, it was the time to do something about it.

Since actions speak louder than words, I decided to start NORRP. I have bled and sweat to get this organization where it is today and could not be prouder to call myself a Restoration Professional, an expert in my craft, and a warrior in the battle to get out industry back to where I know it has the potential to be. This current state of our industry is not healthy for business growth for those who love the industry as dearly as I do.

We are one. We are united. We are NORRP!