A brand new industry startup, Property Insurance & Restoration Conference (PIRC) will hold its inaugural meeting in Chicago, Illinois at the DoubleTree Magnificent Mile on Oct. 4, 2016 beginning at noon. Though the two events are not connected, PIRC will conclude just prior to the kickoff of the PLRB Large Loss conference.
Based upon the mission to have a forum where property insurance and restoration industry stakeholders come together to discuss issues, enhance understanding, find common ground and communicate possible solutions to their industry, this conference promotes a framework that boasts an open dialogue followed by setting future initiatives and subsequent conferences. Rather than traditional speaker-learning conferences, this is a community forum for discussion of what the various industry segments would like to see as common-ground solutions for the betterment of their entire industry.
“Several segments of the industry came to us to create this forum, including restorers, insurers and other vendors,” stated Jeff Hendler, co-founder of PIRC. “The opportunity to find mutually-beneficial solutions in the restoration and insurance industries is great, and to help foster this idea forward is an absolute honor. We hope that by the grace of all those individual segments striving to make a difference, we have started down the path of giving everyone a viable platform. Based on feedback received thus far, we anticipate full involvement from insurers, third-party administrators and restorers.”
“This is great news! An open forum where restorers, insurers, and other interested parties can come together and discuss all the nuances of our industry in a professional and collaborative environment is long overdue. I am excited for the future of this organization.” - Steven V. Lowry, Director of Emergency and Environmental Services for Jenkins Restorations / Jenkins Environmental Services.
The PIRC vision is a property insurance and restoration industry in which all segments work together to enable a complete, safe and quality restoration.
Registration is open online at www.gotopirc.com. Room reservations can be made for this meeting through the DoubleTree Magnificent Mile using the code “JDH”. For those planning to attend the PLRB Large Loss conference also in Chicago, Illinois, beginning on the evening of October 4, registration and room reservation information is on their website.