DASH logoRainbow International and Next Gear Solutions have announced that they have entered into a master service agreement for the implementation of Next Gear’s DASH management technology at over 300 Rainbow International franchisee service providers, according to a press release.

Rainbow International takes a huge technology leap by embracing Next Gear’s suite of software,” said Mark Welstead, President of Rainbow International. “With this new technology, we will have the ability to dynamically change operating procedures based on claim variables, drive our franchisees through these procedures, and provide real-time transparency to our compliance team. This new level of standardization not only focuses on our national service agreements, but also ensures that any claim handled by a franchisee follows a standard process.”

Says Garret Gray, CEO, Next Gear Solutions: “We are excited to see how Rainbow International uses the DASH platform. While we provide a significant technology base for our clients, it is their expertise, experience, and strategy that will influence how they uniquely utilize the platform. We appreciate this further validation that national providers of property restoration service are embracing the unique and robust capabilities offered by Next Gear Solutions through the DASH platform.”

Rainbow International is switching to DASH for both corporate and franchisee claim management.

The DASH platform will be branded for Rainbow International as FUSION, and will include their proprietary claim management processes. FUSION’s implementation has already begun and should be rolled out before the end of 2014. Once complete, Rainbow International will have all 300+ North American locations on a single management platform that allows Rainbow International to significantly increase their service offering to clients and franchisees.

 For more information, visit www.nextgearsolutions.net or www.rainbowintl.com.