Remediation and restoration professionals traditionally have relied on oil-based primers to block the toughest stains and seal the worst odors. Now, thanks to breakthrough primer technology, there’s an effective alternative.

KILZ MAX Interior Water-Based Primer features a unique water-based “epoxy” technology that offers all the performance of an oil-based primer, including the ability to block the most severe stains. It also offers the benefits of a water-based formula, including easy cleanup and low odor.

A superior stain blocker, KILZ MAX blocks all oil-soluble and water-soluble stains – even the most severe stains from smoke, fire and water damage, making it an ideal primer for remediation and restoration jobs. It also blocks stains from nicotine, graffiti, markers and other stains that traditionally would require an oil-based primer and seals oil-soluble stains like kitchen grease and crayon. KILZ MAX is the only primer ever needed for reliable stain blocking on the jobsite.

In addition to superior stain blocking, KILZ MAX seals in lingering odors from fire damage, water stains, smoke, pet urine and food permanently and completely. It offers great hide - even over dark colors – and excellent adhesion to all surfaces including slick, glossy surfaces like ceramic tile and glass.

KILZ MAX is great for use on all interior surfaces including drywall, plaster, masonry, brick, painted metal and more. It seals porous surfaces like new drywall and plaster for more consistent topcoat coverage. It offers great wet-on-wet build on new wood while sealing in knots and tannin bleed like a traditional oil-based primer. 

Unlike oil-based primers, it has a fast dry time so surfaces can be primed and painted the same day. KILZ MAX dries to the touch in just 30 minutes and can be sanded to a fine powder or recoated in just one hour. The low odor, low VOC formula offers easy soap and water clean-up, eliminating the need for solvents and organic vapor cartridges. Its unique water-based formula also decreases the need for cross ventilation for flammable safety and eliminates lingering solvent odors on the jobsite.

Formulated for professional spray applications, KILZ MAX can be brushed, rolled or sprayed with excellent results. It can be topcoated with any oil-based or water-based paint.

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