Designed and built for the rigors of the restoration industry, the Phoenix FireBird HD308 is the safest, most efficient, flexible, and durable heat system made. The FireBird HD308 uses superior design to maximize heating capacity and minimize your fuel cost, while its innovative safety features and system flexibility create revenue opportunities unavailable to competing units.

The Phoenix FireBird HD308 is the industry leader in:


The HD308 heats larger areas than competing units. The Phoenix key advantage is in its system setup. By recirculating at least two-thirds of the airflow and associated BTUs, and using up to one-third outside air, the HD308 heats structures very quickly and evenly, while using far less fuel than competing units. This quick and even heat distribution will bring even large structures up to temperature quickly, maximize the speed of evaporation, and minimize the possibility of secondary damage often associated with cold spots and pressurization on the jobsite.


The FireBird HD308 features the highest system efficiency in the market, providing the most heating capacity per gallon of fuel consumed. Even at maximum output, the FireBird HD308 burns only 2.4 gallons of fuel per hour. Once the structure is up to temperature, fuel consumption drops to less than 1 gallon per hour.


Multiple fan coils allow numerous heating configurations and the flexibility to scale your equipment to the job size. In addition, Phoenix glycol lines can be run up to 300 feet vs. flex duct, which can only extend 25 to 50 feet, giving you access to many jobs that are physically unreachable with competing systems and ensuring effective and even heat distribution throughout the structure. Finally, unlike the propane-fired burners, which have transportation problems, fuel availability issues, and altitude limitations, the FireBird HD308, with its efficient diesel burner and 120 gallon onboard tank, can be transported virtually anywhere and has enough onboard fuel to finish the majority of heat drying jobs.


The FireBird HD308 is UL, CSA, and TUV certified for safe operation. Unlike direct-fired competitors, the HD308 completely isolates combustion gases from the heat source, rather than blowing them into the structure, while using a low pressure, open glycol system specifically designed for the restoration professional.

Return on Investment

Capacity, efficiency, flexibility, and safety add up to a better return on your investment. The FireBird HD308 can heat more with less fuel, in more situations, maximizing the number of restoration jobs you can do and the profitability on each job. The FireBird HD308 System also offers a variety of additional revenue opportunities, including emergency temporary heat after weather events, fires, and power outages; construction site heat applications and outdoor events, such as weddings. These applications can boost your equipment use and expand your revenue.

System includes:

4 - TX 80 Fan Coils
1 - HD308 Heating Unit
1 - 7’ x 14’ Enclosed Trailer
2 - 1” x 50’ Hoses
8 - 3/4” x 50’ Hoses
2 - Manifolds
2 - Filter Boxes
(11kW Generator - included with 4032510 System)

System Warranty: One Full Year – Parts and Labor

(Generator not included in Phoenix Warranty)