DOYLESTOWN, PA, JUNE 10 – The National Demolition Association, the leading trade association for the global demolition industry, has identified environmental stewardship as one of its top priorities in the next decade.  To communicate its stance on issues such as the recycling of demolition debris and the selective salvaging of materials from a structure for reuse, often called “deconstruction,” the Association offers two White Papers free of charge that shed light on these complex issues.

        The National Demolition Association makes the case for a successful government-industry partnership in achieving a substantial growth in the percent of demolition debris being recycled in the White Paper Demolition Industry Promotes C&D Recycling. Although demolition providers routinely reuse or recycle approximately 75% of the estimated 115 million tons of demolition debris generated annually, the Association would like to see that percentage increase.  The White Paper outlines the current state of C&D (construction and demolition) recycling in the U.S. and proposes the critical step of developing a National C&D Recycling Policy.

        The report Demolition: The First Step of Reconstruction, the National Demolition Association explains the similarities and differences between a process called “deconstruction,” and demolition. Deconstruction, also known as hand demolition, is nothing new to the demolition industry.  It involves the methodical disassembly of structures to provide the highest possible rate of reuse and recovery.  However, the realities facing most site owners include tight timelines, stringent financing schedules, and difficult security issues.  The White Paper delves into the controversy, its impact on the safety of workers and the environment, and how modern demolition practices achieve an outstanding level of recycling and reuse.

        Both papers are available from the National Demolition by calling 800-541-2412 or sending an email to The website for the Association is