Los Angeles, CA, February 16, 2011 – Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies have formed an Enforcement Collaborative to focus resources over a multi-year effort to ensure that businesses and industries in this area comply with environmental laws. In September, EPA inspected and fined 9 metal finishing companies in the Los Angeles area for numerous hazardous waste violations.

To assist the regulated community understand their compliance responsibilities, Lion Technology Inc. will be hosting a two-day Hazardous/Toxic Waste Management Workshop in Los Angeles on March 10-11 and in Oakland on March 14-15.

Lion Technology Director of Corporate Training Scott Dunsmore stresses that proper hazardous waste handling, management, and disposal is critical, especially in light of rising enforcement, which is now $37,500 per day/per violation. “With a slow economy and budget tightening, the reflex is to go towards shorter and inexpensive training options. However, with enforcement initiatives on the increase, shortchanging your training puts you at risk of costing you more in the long run,” he said.

Training is required annually for all hazardous waste facility personnel. This comprehensive workshop provides hands-on training on the critical rules managers must know to ensure compliance with the regulations. Students learn how to identify regulated waste, handle and store waste on site, prepare waste for off-site shipping, prepare and plan for emergencies, keep records, assure proper disposal, and prepare their site for new regulatory changes.

To register, call (888) 546-6511 or go towww.Lion.com/HazWasteTrainingNow.