The American Bio-Recovery Association is a very special association, providing services that many cleaning companies or people would refuse because of the nature of services.

The American Bio-Recovery Association is a very special association, providing services that many cleaning companies or people would refuse because of the nature of services, such as attempted suicides, industrial accidents, vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, decontamination of ships, airplanes, buses, sporting events, train vs. pedestrian, and a host of many other services.

It is my understanding that there is a push for other associations to enter this field or start up divisions within their own organizations. I belong to several associations that are looking into expanding in this field. Personally, I feel that it would be a huge mistake and therefore cannot support it.

We have an international association that is geared for this service and have some of the best trained professionals in the world. If anyone feels they want to make a difference and support such an organization, then they should join ABRA and work alongside people that have the same mind set.

Instead of each organization trying to develop new ideas and standards etc., as a larger group much more could be accomplished. As in any organization, there are only a few that really contribute by serving on the Board of Directors or committees. If we split ourselves and go in different directions, then we will accomplish small goals or ideas. By having one voice and association for this bio-recovery field, we will be able to accomplish so much more than if we water down the field.

If we allow our greed and feelings to get in the way, it will only hurt us all in the end. We will not be serving the public, as everyone states in their ads or websites. We will only add to the confusion and disagreements that are upon us now. By combining our forces, setting aside our selfish ambitions we will not only have a strong association but can at least provide better support to the members of all the other associations not providing our service.

There are a lot of members in other associations that do not want to or will not provide bio-recovery services. Many are forced into it because they feel they must help their clients. That is a fact and that is what is happing. If they had someone to refer the work to, they would gladly do so. I know many ABRA members do not offer carpet cleaning, water damage, mold or other remediation services, but some will feel that they have to help their clients out. If they had another competent company to refer, they would. This is just one of the many reasons we need to support our associations and team up with other associations and with each other as individuals.

I belong to SCRT, and our Ohio Chapter struggles for membership participation, as all our associations and chapters do. I have spoken at our chapter and Michigan’s several times, and we have had only one person join ABRA and become involved due to the fact that many do not want any part of this work. I know that there are SCRT members that dabble in bio-recovery sometimes. I have asked our Ohio Chapter to open up meetings to ABRA members, and ABRA will do the same for the SCRT members.

I strongly urge all of us to put our differences and egos aside and look for what is best as associations and individuals. If we can do that, we will all have a share and become stronger and more profitable. The question is, will we? Join us in August at the Sandusky Kalahari Resort for our 15th Annual Convention and see for yourself.