Prior to 1996, few companies provided cleaning services for crime and death scenes. Many did not know the first thing about how to clean up or charge for such services. Back then, most did not want anything to do with this type of work, though many agreed it was a service that was needed.

In 1996 six people formed the first-ever association for such a service. Today that association is the American Bio-Recovery Association. Until then, the word bio-recovery was known only to a very few. Today you will find many companies using terms like “Trauma” “Crime” and “Death Scene Cleanup” to describe bio-recovery work. Still, very few people fully comprehend the scope of the service.

Today, ABRA is recognized as the field’s foremost authority, the association with the most experience and knowledge. Still young in comparison to other trade associations, it has a special standing because of the nature of services its members perform, as well as the circumstances surrounding the clients they service.

While other associations offer little if any information on bio-recovery work, ABRA makes it its primary focus. This is one of many reasons we strongly encourage other associations, instead of viewing ABRA as a competing organization, to see us instead as a potential partner to work with, together giving a greater voice and help set standards of care and proper procedures in a wider variety of disciplines.

No one can do everything; too much time, energy, and money is needed to develop all the skills necessary to be a “one-stop shop.” Associations are no different, therefore associations are formed to serve and help direct its members toward certain goals or ideas. ABRA fills this demand and will in the future expand the fields associated with the goals and directions our members undertake.

ABRA at this time does not see any need to start focusing on the services other associations offer. We’ve recently become an associate member of the Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians, and will continue looking into joining with other associations in order to work together for the good of all. These partnerships and collaborations will help our members expand in ways that will make the best use of their time, providing another way for everyone to move further and faster in an ever-changing world.

Now is the time for all the associations to work together, with the same frame of mind and reasons that we originally invited our own members to join together with others of the same ilk. ABRA is reaching out to all associations and individuals to join in supporting the function, for which the associations have been developed.

We respectfully invite you to attend the ABRA Conference in Seattle, Wash., Aug. 15-17. You can go to the ABRA website and download all the information for the Conference and hotel accommodations, or we can e-mail you an application at your request.