In business, as in life, there are always opportunities that come our way. Some are an instant and obvious fit; others appear to be just as obviously a miss. But, what about the opportunities that fall into that middle ground? 

Niche technologies often face saturation levels in their limited markets as new entrants vie for space. The mature developers look for opportunities to break into new markets. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not at a saturation point yet, but it is finding wider application in industry segments related to construction and even in emergency response. It’s a tool that can require some investment in time and training as well as a financial commitment. It may not fit for everyone in restoration; or it may not fit yet. Jeremy Godenzi offers some thoughts on BIM and restoration for you to ponder. 

Collaboration and relationships offer similar opportunities to improve, expand, or enhance your business. Recognizing the close ties your business already has with other processes and functions may lead you to explore a collaborative relationship with other businesses with similar company cultures and goals. Michael Pinto observes the close ties between industrial hygiene professionals and remediation specialists. It’s just one example of where important connections can be made. 

There are other, tougher choices to evaluate when looking for new opportunities. Jeff Diem and Ricelli Mordecai kick off their discussion of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) by looking into what TPAs expect of restorers. They’ll follow with what restorers can expect, and then they will dive into another of those loaded questions – “Is a franchise right for me?”

When it comes to taking a strategic view of your business (and your future), you need to make some time to examine your goals and your company culture. What is core? What is changing? Where do you want to go next? 

Then you need to collect information on what opportunities might help you follow that dream. Examine them carefully, and rule out those that are not a fit. For the rest, start your “deep dive.” In this respect, one of the best tools is networking with others in the restoration field who share your values. Explore their experiences and share your own. The result should be a good sense of what could work for you. Now, you just have to decide how much to push your comfort level in following a new direction. What will help you grow and develop new challenges while still supporting your core values? 

Looking ahead to where you want to end up, Josh Bachman’s rideshare driver sums it up in one simple and thought-provoking phrase: “Happy there.”