In this episode of “TradeTalks: Unlocking The Experience”, R&R Publisher Mike Balzano talks with the Owners of SuperTech University and the creators and hosts of the Blue Collar Podcast, Eric Sprague and Larry Wilberton! Former college roommates that eventually started a lucrative cleaning business. But as they grew in size, they noticed repeat customers going away. Eventually they realized it was their customer service and people skills that gained the trust of the customers. And when they moved up (and off the truck) that bond went away. Quickly re-inserting themselves into the public eye, and creating a repeatable and teachable system to do the same, is what set these trailblazers on the successful path they are on today. 

  • College Roommates
  • Co-Owners of Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration for 13 years
  • Multiple-time speaker at many events
  • Eric a soon-to-be Author!
  • At his 1st visit to the Experience, signed a lucrative deal immediately after walking off the stage 

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They credit “always learning” for their success, and based on the massive amount of trade shows, seminars, and speaking engagements they attend it is easy to see why that is their key. The BlueCollar podcast is broadcast weekly and has consistently grown in audience since its inception. The first time Eric spoke at The Experience, we was approached in the Men’s Room moments later by an attendee and instantly was offered a lucrative consulting deal. THAT’S a good Experience story!

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