KnowHow’s CEO, Leighton Healey, and R&R Group Publisher Michael Balzano announced Healey and the KnowHow team will keynote The Experience in Las Vegas where they will release and discuss the results of their latest study in the restoration & remediation field.

“We’re passionate about how you make this complex industry simpler,” said Healey.  That’s’ one of the reasons KnowHow has been providing weekly articles and monthly case studies to R&R’s audience. That effort has demonstrated to KnowHow what Healey describes as one of the biggest crises in the industry today.  “Our latest study 

will unveil its latest study at that time.  The study addresses what Healey described as one of the biggest emerging crises in the industry – which is that companies need to think about the next generation of management; the next generation of leadership. “The study will address how you grow and develop the next generation of leaders in this industry,” he commented.  “Readers of R&R need to think about, ‘Who am I going to enroll, develop, and ultimately hand the baton to.’ We’re excited to develop a playbook on how to do that.”