In this episode of “TradeTalks: Unlocking The Experience”, R&R Publisher Mike Balzano talks with the man who created the Experience almost 25 years ago, Larry Cooper. After selling his lucrative Cleaning business, Larry sought a new way to be a leader in our industry, and decades later, his creation became what this very podcast is about. 

  • Former Owner of “Coopers Carpet Cleaning”
  • Created Connections Trade Show more than 25 years ago with multiple associations
  • Decided to branch off for his own event and name it The Experience
  • He is a Reiki Master
  • Has survived three near-death experiences
  • Now owns “Journeys for Conscious Living”, which produces Restoration Journeys 

Larry has dedicated almost his entire life to the Cleaning and Restoration industries, and leaves behind a legacy of hands-on training and service.

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