In what Restoration Technical Institute and iRestore describe as an exciting development for the restoration and building services industries, Lever360 has emerged to deliver innovation, by combining the educational prowess of Restoration Technical Institute (RTI) —an IICRC approved school offering diverse training formats including in-person, online, eLearning, and the transformative Learning Lever, a digital training solution—with the comprehensive run-your-business system of iRestore, renowned for its restoration management software.

Based in Reading, PA, and Palm City, FL, Lever360 represents a unified front dedicated to empowering businesses to "Build. Run. Achieve."

In a statement, the partners noted, “Lever360 symbolizes a fusion of shared goals and visions, bringing RTI's extensive training services together with iRestore’s cutting-edge solutions. This union is poised to provide the restoration industry with essential tools for management efficiency, team development, and achieving significant objectives, drawing from the deep-rooted histories and customer-centric cultures of both entities.”

Lever 360 President Ryan Smith commented, "Lever360 transcends the conventional by driving impactful results. With solutions including the pioneering Learning Lever for adaptive training needs, sophisticated software tools, and an extensive range of resources, Lever360 advocates for professional achievement and personal fulfillment.”

Smith added Lever 360 is rooted in Archimedes’ wisdom; embracing Archimedes' insight, "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” He continued, “Lever360 is devoted to providing the levers that drive monumental achievements for the heroes in the industry and the businesses goals. This philosophy embodies the core commitment of Lever360 to effect meaningful impact and transformations.”

Lever360 presents iRestore Unchained, the latest iteration of its software, at The Experience conference in Chattanooga, TN, from April 3 - 5. This event will showcase the software’s unveiling, demonstrating Lever360’s commitment to leading the restoration management technology frontier.

Lisa Lavender, CEO of Lever360, reflects on this milestone, "As we unveil iRestore Unchained and introduce Lever360, we stand at the threshold of a new era. Our mission, 'Build. Run. Achieve.,' is more than a tagline—it’s a mantra that guides us in empowering our clients and the industry at large to reach unprecedented heights."Lavender invited restoration professionals to: Discover Lever360: Experience the future of industry solutions and the union of the Restoration Technical Institute and iRestore through our introductory video and join Lever 360 as they pave the way for advancements in the restoration and service sectors. Lever360 represents a synergistic evolution, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions under a new, unifying identity.