BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, a leading national property restoration company in the U.S., in partnership with the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF), completed a transitional housing revitalization project at the Covenant House California (CHC) Santa Clara campus.

CHC is a nonprofit youth shelter that provides sanctuary and support for young people ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness. CHC’s Santa Clara campus currently takes in over 20 young people and will now be able to house 30 young people now that the renovation project is complete.

This revitalization overhauled the aging space by reimagining CHC’s Santa Clara campus with new flooring, completely remodeled bathrooms, brand new amenities, an up-to-date career center, workstations for the youth, four refurbished bedrooms, seven additional beds, an outdoor seating area, new HVAC systems, and more. A ribbon cutting ceremony, spotlighting the revitalization’s impact, occurred at the completion of the project, where local business leaders and community partners toured the facility refurbishments and heard from representatives within the organization and its partners.

BluSky worked alongside many industry partners to complete this project, including Equity Residential, Sherwin Williams, Benchmark Environmental Engineering, VCS Inc Construction Company, Advanced Home Energy, HD Supply, Moen, Urban Surfaces, American Asphalt, and the Interior Logic Group.

“BluSky and Equity Residential have been essential to the impact of the Housing Industry Foundation's programs. Their expertise and commitment to our mission is at the essence of how HIF partners with, and leverages, the Multifamily Housing Industry to help vitally important community agencies like Covenant House. Because of leaders like Ryan Rusler at BluSky and Mark Tremain at Equity Residential and the great team at Covenant House, more homeless young adults will have safe, stable and supportive housing,” stated Steve Sullivan, Executive Director, HIF.

“This revitalization project was a dream that became reality with the generosity of HIF, BluSky and Equity Residential,” commented Shelby Booker, Covenant House California (CHC). “Before this project, we were running at a much lower capacity due to the repairs that needed to happen that we couldn’t afford. Thanks to this project, we can safely house 30 young people every night in updated bedrooms that are dignifying and beautiful – exactly what they deserve!”

“This project was a true testament of what the Housing Industry Foundation can do when they bring two great companies together and those companies can leverage the resources they have to help rebuild much needed housing for young adults,” remarked Mark Tremain, Equity Residential.

“BluSky was honored to be a part of this project – we are a continuous supporter of the Housing Industry Foundation, and we believe it is our duty to serve the community in which we conduct our business,” said Ryan Rusler, Vice President, BluSky San Jose.