American Federation of Restorers (AFOR), a newly founded member organization in the property damage restoration industry, is pleased to announce its recent launch. Founded by two restoration professionals with nearly 30 years of combined experience, the new organization looks to bring much-needed reform to the restoration industry.

Most of the existing membership organizations in the industry exist for the primary benefit and advocacy of company owners and executives. AFOR aims to reach and advocate for the more underrepresented restorers. Namely, frontline workers like technicians, coordinators, assistants, and administrators. Their mission is also to advocate for the voiceless individuals outside of the industry like homeowners.

“Our stance on the industry is this: The restoration industry is broken. There are countless systemic issues plaguing the industry. There’s a general culture of mistrust between restorers, insurers, and homeowners. Premiums are the highest they’ve ever been. There’s an absence of formal education, clear growth tracks, and career progression in the industry compared to the other trades. Many insurers and restoration company owners possess a profit-over-people mentality.

Fraud and frivolous lawsuits from bad players on all sides abound. One of our main objectives is to transform restoration from being the ‘wild west’ into a bonafide industry,” said the organization’s two founders.

Frontline workers make up the majority of the industry’s estimated 100,000 workers. They’re encouraged to join and become part of the movement to “restore the restoration industry.” Benefits of membership include advocacy, access to legal counsel, education, representation, and community. AFOR has laid out a 3-year roadmap on its website that gives members a big-picture vision of what to expect over the next few years.

You can learn more about AFOR and register as a member directly from their website at You can also reach out to AFOR directly at (352) 682-9715 or