Restoration Management Co. (RMC) will expand its reconstruction service offering in the Las Vegas metropolitan area with the opening of the firm’s newest branch in Henderson, Nevada.

RMC has managed restoration and reconstruction projects for commercial and residential clients since 1985. The company currently operates in California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Washington.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer full-service reconstruction and restoration to our clients in the hotel, casino, commercial and multi-family industries,” said Aaron Murray, branch manager for RMC's Las Vegas division. "Our team successfully partners with both property facility managers as well as hotel/resort engineers to limit expensive property damage or correct dangerous conditions for employees and guests alike."

RMC offers expertise and experience in emergency and environmental restoration and reconstruction, along with a large company-owned fleet of vehicles and equipment and teams of trained technicians.

"Many of our existing clients, both in this state and across the country, have expressed the need for us to continue to expand our services and we are happy to do so," said Jon Takata, President and CEO of Restoration Management Co. "Additionally, we are thrilled to offer full service to all our prospective clients in the Las Vegas market and look forward to further developing lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships."