HomeCleanse, formerly known as All American Restoration, is rebranding to reflect an increased focus on indoor air quality. The firm also named some well-known celebrity wellness advocates to its advisory board.

The firm started in 2017 as a small restoration provider in Freehold, New Jersey. It has since expanded under found and CEO Michael Rubino to a nationwide company with 15 times revenue growth.  HomeCleanse will leverage a multi-channel strategy including services, products, educational resources, and awareness campaigns.

An advisory board including Deepak Chopra’s The Chopra Foundation and Gwyneth Paltrow will help HomeCleanse achieve further growth. Expansion plans include servicing homes internationally.

“We consume a lot of air — 20,000 breaths per day, on average,” Rubino said. “As with food and water, the quality of the air we consume is vital to our well-being, yet it’s often the last factor that is examined when our bodies are unwell.

“Most countries don’t have standards and regulations around indoor air quality and most professionals are hired to fix the cosmetic effects of water damage without taking into account the scientific principles of microbiology.”

HomeCleanse has introduced two new products to market that help bridge the gap between home health and wellness. The Dust Test allows homeowners to swab dust and submit a sample for evaluation and will show consumers what they are being exposed to at home. My Mold Report provides homeowners with access to qualified professionals to review inspection reports and laboratory data and let them know what actions are needed to improve the home environment.