Scott Harding is provincial manager of S.A.H Disaster Restoration Services, Vancouver Trauma Cleaning, and BC Trauma Cleaning Group, serving British Columbia. In this episode of Ask the Expert, Harding talks about the grind behind his company’s growth, including the long hours and wearing of many hats. He shares his journey from laborer to leader and his approach to keeping up with the times, from expanding service offerings to partnering with one of British Columbia’s largest healthcare providers to embracing innovative technology to investing in safety and training. 

This episode covers:

  • Building a restoration business and managing its growth
  • Establishing separate brands for specialty service areas
  • Harding’s approach to securing resources, including full-time employees, subcontractors and temp services
  • Benefits of building strategic partnerships with other businesses
  • The 70-, 80- and 100-hour work weeks Harding put in during the early days of his business
  • Meeting the moment with the embrace of new specialties, from COVID-19 cleaning to trauma cleaning to drug lab cleaning
  • Investment in safety and training, especially regarding asbestos abatement and hazardous environments
  • Wearing many hats including business development, dispatching, logistics, client communications, site inspections, estimating, cash flow, equipping staff and more
  • On-call and after-hours work
  • Confidentiality between company and client
  • Streamlining systems and adopting new technology to evolve the business  

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