Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist / Forensic Operator Jeff Jones and drying guru Chuck Dewald, the developer of the E3 System of Evaporation, are partnering for a five-day immersion into the field of Forensic Restoration®. The Microbial Warrior Experience bioremediation training program will take place Feb. 21-25 at the Dewald Academy of Drying in Indianapolis. 

During the hands-on course, students will experience a tempo of professionalism not only unheralded in the cleaning and restoration industries, but also embraced and recognized by doctors and scientists. "Far more than just another crime scene cleaning class," the educational opportunity is being touted as "the Ivy League of biohazard remediation training."

Participants who successfully complete this training will leave with multiple certifications including IICRC Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning Technicians, Blood Borne Pathogens Compliant Certificates, and the highly coveted Certified Forensic Operator® designation. 

The agenda is as follows:

  • Monday: IICRC and Trauma Scene Cleaning Technicians Class
  • Tuesday: IICRC Crime Scene Cleaning Technicians Class and Testing
  • Wednesday: Forensic Restoration Training (Blood Borne Pathogen Training, Regulatory Issues, Federal Complaint Issues, Classroom Work)
  • Thursday: Intensive Hands-On Training
  • Friday: Intensive Hands-On Training and Testing

An early bird registration discount of $750 off ends on Feb. 15 and additional discounts are available for groups of three or more. Space is limited and attendees are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

For more information, call (630) 359-4090 or visit: https: www.structuraldryingacademy.com/event/microbial-warrior-experience-feb-21-25-2022/