On July 31-August 5, Microbial Warrior® Academy is conducting an industry first, allowing students to obtain their OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER and the Microbial Warrior® “High Risk/High Level Decontamination Specialist” certification in one session.  This training will focus on Fentanyl, Opioids, and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).  This training will involve both the OSHA required classroom lectures and intensive hands-on training.  With a prime directive of safety in mind, the Microbial Warrior System of Training, Tactics, Techniques, and Tools alongside the OSHA required HAZWOPER make this training experience an unparalleled industry event dealing with what is considered most dangerous contaminants (Fentanyl, Opioids, and Biological Weapons) that Forensic Operators may face today.

The 40-hour HAZWOPER training is the minimum level of training for workers engaged in hazardous substance removal or other activities which expose or potentially expose workers to hazardous substances, including chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials and explosives.

Biological agents include bacteria, viruses, fungi, other microorganisms and their associated toxins.  They have the ability to adversely affect human health in a variety of ways, ranging from relatively mild, allergic reactions to serious medical conations – even death.

Students will be trained in the Microbial Warrior® System of how to contain, control, neutralize, and remove, taking into consideration, structure, contents, and indoor air quality.

Heading up this line of professional trainers are noted industry expert and OSHA trainer Jim Thompson and Forensic Restoration and Decontamination Specialist, Jeff Jones. Training will be conducted at the Dewald Drying Academy in Indianapolis Indiana.  Seating is limited to ensure personal attention to each student.  To sign up or for more information, call (405) 820-3638.