If the last year and a half has proven anything, it is that the world is changing around us quicker than we can imagine. Here at PuroClean, in our world-class training academy, our mission is to arm our franchise owners with the tools and training they need to remain ahead of the game in this very unique new world. Late last year, looking at the future of the research and development within the industry, I reached out to my colleague and friend from Artemis Biorisk Training Academy, Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist Jeff Jones, to talk innovation. As a Certified Forensic Operator, Jeff brings more than 50 years of field experience in forensic restoration to the table. Jeff is a former U.S. Army soldier, and former SWAT team leader, and the youngest person to ever attend the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. Jeff developed a course called the Microbial Warriors training program and in working together, we’ve been able to bring this groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind, specialized process to communities across the country.    

Watch Jeff Jones and Hudema dive deep into what made the course so impactful in this Ask the Expert interview.

A valued asset, Jeff has helped members of the PuroClean network learn how to restore properties affected by biohazardous and infectious agents. As we sat down to look at how to introduce his Microbial Warriors course to our PuroClean owners, there were many moving parts that were taken into consideration. We know that in many cases, when we are called to complete these types of jobs, the customer who makes a call for services is going through a particularly traumatic event. Whether it is the passing of a loved one or cleaning up a graphic scene inside someone’s home or business, there is a psychological consideration that must accompany our teams to complete this work. From our customer service agents to our owners and technicians, the most important aspect of this type of work is to consider the person on the other end of the phone and help alleviate any stresses related to the incident in a professional yet caring way. Furthermore, while Microbial Warriors training teaches the specific processes involved in the actual cleaning, we must also consider what the work we are doing means for our customers and their families in their properties as it affects their lives. 

Upon graduation from this program, PuroClean franchise owners and their technicians return to their communities with a refined skillset, able to tackle more comprehensive forms of biohazard remediation. The course covered the specialized techniques to properly handle pathogens, hoarding, crime scenes, human waste and unattended death sites resulting in human decomposition, but it also incorporates ways to confront the more difficult human elements and the psychology that goes into this part of our work. 

As a national service brand with more than 360 franchise locations in North America, professionals at PuroClean handle biohazard situations almost daily. With our rapid response timing of under two hours, our industry is built on the efficiency of our technicians arriving on site ready to perform the task at hand quickly and effectively. While the Microbial Warriors niche skillset that Jeff developed is not one that any person particularly wishes to have to use, we recognize that those who can perform these services serve a vital role in the restoration industry in the reality of what communities’ face all over the country. 

As the end is not yet in sight of the COVID-19 pandemic, this course comes at a timely point in our onboarding and training of new owners to develop the important work our business leaders completed during 2020. This past year, more than ever, maintaining the home free of infection became a priority for families around the globe. COVID-19 and other infectious pathogens have posed a threat to the health of millions, reminding us of the importance of being proactive in our cleaning procedures and training. At PuroClean, this notion is especially important because people rely on our teams to carry out these services, and our constant training allows the company to do just that. 

Jeff was a valued asset for the development and execution of this inaugural class, as he is a past president of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and has served as chairman of its forensic council. I’m so proud of our graduates and am honored that Jeff could be a part of the way we educate our leaders, really taking our training to the next level in so many ways.  A new future lies ahead, and thanks to an innovative mindset and partners like Jeff, our network is ready. It is important to note, that the success of this class was made possible with the help of our key partners Contec, Foam-It, Kleenrite, MAXAIR, Artemis Bio-solutions and Serum. A solid team can accomplish more together than they would individually. This is why so many success stories come from companies who find business partners to help them reach their goals and provide the best training. A mutual passion is a good way of cementing bonds between partners.