When you think of the damage a wildfire causes, most people imagine the destruction and scorching of homes. While these are devastating results of a wildfire, a home does not need to be engulfed in flames to suffer damage. The smoke, soot and ash of the wildfire are spread throughout the fire zone which can cause houses to be contaminated. This means your restoration company can provide solutions even when structural damage has not occurred. Houses consist of plastics and metals that can be toxic once reduced to soot and ash, and homeowners need a trusted professional to handle the contamination.


Effects of Smoke, Ash and Soot

The smoke, soot, and ash produced by a wildfire can affect not only a home but also the inhabitants’ health. Some examples of the damage caused include:

  • Wet smoke - which is clammy, sticky and harder to clean
  • Soot inhalation - which irritates lungs and airways and can cause more serious damage in the future
  • Staining - which can appear on hard surfaces days later because of how smoke particles can seep into porous materials
  • Odors - which become embedded in clothing, carpeting, upholstery and other woven materials
  • Skin irritation - which could get severe enough to require medical treatment
  • Corrosion - which can occur on metal surfaces because soot residue is highly acidic
  • Eye irritation - which causes eyes to be red and itchy and could become severe

Getting rid of the smoke, ash and soot as soon as possible is vital to keeping everyone in the home healthy and maintaining the livability of the house.


How a Hydroxyl Generator Can Help

Hydroxyl generators are one of the most powerful agents available to eliminate odors instead of just covering them up. They do not cause damage and can be safely used around humans and sensitive materials. They also do not leave behind residue, chemical smells or other unwanted byproducts. These are a great tool because they can be plugged in, turned on, and run constantly while cleaning crews work throughout the home.

They are effective at cleaning contents of a home because hydroxyl generators dispel hydroxyl molecules that convert contaminants into carbon dioxide and water. This means the air coming from these machines needs to be directed toward the contents that need to be cleaned in order for the molecules to do their job.

It is important when using a hydroxyl generator to make sure you let it run long enough to permanently get rid of the odor. Items can be placed in a hydroxyl chamber so the molecules have direct access to the contaminants that need to be converted. If the odor is still present, you can run the hydroxyl generator for longer, move it around or add more machines.

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