Encircle is excited to announce its integration with Matterport. This integration builds on the company’s mission of providing an easy-to-use documentation tool to enable efficient, transparent workflows for the restoration and insurance industry. Using its intuitive app, Encircle has significantly improved productivity and made documenting and sharing information across the ecosystem simple.

Encircle is one of the first restoration field documentation companies to integrate with Matterport. As the conduit for sharing information between insurance carriers, restoration contractors, third party administrators, and independent adjusters, this integration provides Encircle customers with enhanced real-time visual data for documenting a claim and produces a rich report within Encircle.

Using 3D cameras alongside Matterport’s cloud-based spatial data platform, restoration contractors and field adjusters can now associate Matterport models with an Encircle claim. Being able to add and view the Matterport 3D model within the Encircle claim provides a more complete story for all stakeholders. The claim now contains key structural information from Matterport and photos, videos, sketches, moisture, contents, and notes from Encircle.

When the Matterport 3D model is linked to an Encircle claim, it can be shared and viewed on the web or mobile device within the Matterport 3D model of the property. The model is available to view from the Encircle PDF report via a URL link with no additional account or password information required.

Whether you’re in the office or the field, Matterport 3D models can be included in the Encircle

PDF reports to create a compelling visual showcase of the claim.

"My team and I at Encircle are thrilled to partner with Matterport," noted Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle. "This integration is an example of our commitment to partnering with leading tech companies to deliver world-class solutions to our customers.”

“Our joint integration enables restoration contractors to get a remarkable virtual 3D model that can be added to an Encircle claim for a complete story of a loss. We're excited to partner with Encircle to enable industry-leading, collaborative field documentation that improves decision making across the claims lifecycle.” said Jay Remley, Chief Revenue Officer of Matterport.

Learn more at getencircle.com/integration/matterport.