Encircle, an all-in-one field documentation solution, is now offering a wide array of integration options, with the aim of allowing restorers to build the
technology solution that works best for their specific business. These options include: built-in integrations with project management, 3D imaging, equipment tracking and claims management software providers; Zapier to automate repetitive tasks without development work; and a publicly available open API that can be leveraged for custom integrations.

“For years, restorers have been struggling to find a software that can do it all, but what’s become abundantly clear is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” says Paul Donald, CEO, Encircle. “We see a lot of technology that is built with the carrier in mind instead of the restoration contractor, or delivers a great office experience but fails in the field, or restricts certain areas of their business. It’s really time to give the restorer what they want and that’s the power to choose the complete solution that works best for their business.”

Encircle’s current integration providers include:

  • PSA
  • Xcelerate
  • iRestore
  • ServiceMinder
  • Matterport
  • Kahi
  • Virtual Claims Adjuster
  • Guidewire

Additionally, restorers can utilize Zapier for a point-and-click solution that creates more than 3,000 integration possibilities with Encircle, including the most popular applications used by restoration contractors such as QuickBooks, Hover and ServiceM8. With Zapier, users can automatically create a claim in Encircle and eliminate duplicate data entry without any coding required.

Plus, for restorers who need a custom integration, they can utilize Encircle’s open API which is free to use with an Encircle account.

“By integrating Encircle with the rest of their tools, restorers can streamline their operations with reliable data captured in the field,” added Donald. “This brings an additional layer of operational efficiency and transparency to restoration jobs.”

Technology vendors interested in integrating with Encircle are encouraged to get in touch and discuss partnership opportunities. For more information, visit getencircle.com/integrations

About Encircle
With the aim of making it easy to collect, manage, and use field data, Encircle is designed to speed up restoration jobs, give visibility into a job's progress, and simplify the creation and sharing of detailed reports. Encircle touts that these reports meet and exceed the insurance industry's strict documentation requirements, improving customer satisfaction.