Does this scenario sound familiar? You hire a young person to join your team, you give them the on-boarding speech, a uniform and send them out with the team to learn on the job. Within 90 days, you are frustrated with their progress and you say something to the effect of, “It never fails, these young people [i.e. Millennials or Gen Z or whatever moniker is coming next] just don’t get it. Things will never be like the good ol’ days.” 

In an age where it is difficult even to solicit a candidate to apply for your job openings, what if there was a way to help you reverse the trend of churning and burning new hires?  Eric “The Tech Whisperer” Sprague of joins us on The DYOJO Podcast Episode 17 to discuss the power and potential of investing in soft skills training for your service team. 

Train to Obtain

Eric understands where the bread is buttered in a service based organization such as property restoration, construction, auto repair, plumbing, carpet cleaning, electrical, landscaping, etc. Your business will be made or broken by how well your front line employees can deliver a consistently high quality service to your customers. 

The Tech Whisperer, through years of trial and error, and eventual success leading to the sale of his own restoration business, developed and proved the concepts for Morning Tech Meeting. Owners and managers who want to reap the benefits of soft skills training for their technicians don’t have to start from scratch, Eric and his team have done the leg work for you.

People and Processes and Key

The DYOJO speaks frequently on the 4 P’s of Success (The Blueprint), which includes People, Process, Production and Progress. Our discussion on The DYOJO Podcast Episode 7 with Eric Sprague addresses a proven process for elevating your team performance through daily soft skills training.  Eric and Larry are generously offering our listening $10 off the regular monthly cost of $39 if you mention #TheDYOJO. 

If you aren’t investing in training your team, you are going to continue to struggle to recruit, develop and keep good talent. While some of you may be convinced there isn’t any good talent in the current labor pool, you have to find ways to reach and teach the incoming workforce or you are phasing yourself out of survival. 

You Don't Have to Start from Scratch

Morning Tech Meeting will help you shorten the process to elevating your customer service experience, increase add on sales (gather the cream when you’ve already paid the cost to get your team onsite), and deepen your employee engagement. 

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